Sunday, December 15, 2013

Korea trip--Top 10

10.  Awww coconuts!
Each day, Olivia watched Disney Jr.  She watched just as if she were watching here in English.  Octonauts, Doc, Sophia, Jake and the Neverland Pirates.....oh my!  It is quite entertaining to hear it all and then some phrases like "aww coconuts" are universally in English. 

9.  Olivia Parker
In court, the judge asked us to state our names.  John said his, I said mine, and Olivia piped up and said hers--clearly.

In court, the judge asked when we left.  I was giving our answer....saying we could stay depending on when approval was.  We were willing to change our tickets.  Olivia pipes up and says in the microphone.... tomorrow!

7.  Free size
Mom should not be allowed to talk to any other ethnicity.  They are not hard of hearing, nor do they need repetitive talk.  The lady told mom a shirt was free size (i.e. one size fits all) to which mom asked if they had a certain color, do they come in any other size, how much, "I may come back,"  :"I am going to shop a bit more," etc.  Mom.....few words next time.  We finally told her she was not allowed to talk to the Koreans.

6.  $45,000 won paid when the price was originally $40,000 won. 
In the street markets, negotiating is the thing to do.  Mom asked how much.  The lady told mom $40,000.  Mom went to pay and said, $45, you go!  Obviously, mom negotiated the wrong direction. 

5.  Bidet
When we first got to our room, I explained to Olivia NOT to touch any of the buttons on the side of the toilet.  Wednesday night, I was using the bathroom and all of a sudden water was flying.  I jumped up and ran to the hall and Olivia followed.  Water was spraying out into the hall at an alarming rate!

4.  How much?
Olivia would ask each lady in the market how much something was.  After asking, Olivia would hold her hand out to John and say, "money please!"  The ladies loved this!!!

3.  Shopping....just what I wanted to do!
Dad would say this phrase daily.  He HATES to shop, but went like a pro!  

 2.  Are you asking if you want a pretty girl to join me in my room?  Two?  Ok!!
We needed to check our phone messages, the light on the phone was blinking.  It was a cordless phone so John took the receiver down to ask if this was a message.  How do we check on this phone?  They said, "well, we will have to come up to check because the phone has to be closer to the base.  Is that ok with you?"  To which John asked the above mentioned question.  Both girls raised their hands saying they would come and then they all laughed about it!
A Korean man, Frank, came up instead!  As he left, he said, anytime you need help, feel free to ask me....or the girls. 

1.   He has a gun!!!
When sitting down to a 13 hour flight, I noticed the outline of a gun on a not so friendly man's hip.  I asked John about it and he said, "Why make this worse?  I hate this (flying) and you are asking if he has a gun?  Like I am worried about that right now!!"  I got so paranoid that I had John switch seats with me just so I wouldn't be near him.  I was watching every time he would move and noticed that he would be sure to pull his shirt down the second he stood and he made sure it covered the gun up.  I didn't close my eyes a wink on the flight.  I followed him every step!  He would go to the front and peep from behind the corner and then go to the other corner.  I would turn and see what he was doing when he would go to the back.  He was CREEPY!  He had eyes that could stare a hole into you.  He wouldn't smile.  He walked the aisle's slowly.  He reached into his overhead compartment and John saw he had handcuffs on his hip.  Later John asked what the man did to which he replied, "he was a consultant."  As we were coming through customs, he went through where the stewardess's went....he was the air marshal!!!  O-M-G!!! 

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