Sunday, December 1, 2013

College football

Olivia has begged all season to see our friends, Ashley and Ryan, at a Vanderbilt college game.  So, we looked at the schedule and decided Nov. 16th was our day to go.  Now, coming from a HUGE Tennessee fan, I hate when my child looks at me and says, "VU," but nonetheless, we went and had fun!  Ryan is GA for Vandy, and we hope he is working for them next year as it will keep our sweet friends here longer!  My kid may be obsessed with them. 
When we told her we were going, her first question was what would there be to eat.  So, my elephant child who never forgets, decided right after we sat down that she needed some of the food we had talked about a few weeks before.  She went with her daddy and came back with a pizza and popcorn.  She was one satisfied little girl. 

they scored!!!


looking for Ryan up in a press box.

a super quick nap before heading down to the field after the game.

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