Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 4 in Korea

Yesterday Easton became an official US citizen!!!  We went to get his Visa at the US embassy.  I gotta say, it wasn't what I thought it would be.  I don't have any pictures because we had to turn all of that in upon going in.  The social worker that took us actually had us leave everything in the van.  Kind of a bummer!! 

Before leaving we decided he needs a bath.  Whew!!!!  That was an ordeal!  He has been scratching from hives so badly that he has cut himself, so I thought a good bath (shower here...no tub) and lotion would help.  In the long run it did, but initially was not plesant!

On the way to the embassy, Olivia kept him happy in the taxi by holding his sweet hand. 
 ...and he slowly fell asleep. 
We arrived back at the agency and then loaded in the van to go to the embassy.  There were 5 of us as ESWS families and 4 other families joined.  We were there at least 2 hours or more.  WOW!!!  I don't know how they did it before parents took them!  I am betting they just ran the paperwork and delivered it to the agency.  Here is what happened--our names were called and we went up to a glass window.  The man told us to raise our right hand.  I always have Olivia on my left hip and switched her to raise my hand...then realized he said right.  Yep, I forgot which was which for a split second.  John had a good laugh on that one!  We were sworn in and then gave him our passports.  He had me put my finger on a red light and then said, "we will have his visa in one hour."  So, we waited.  Once we were finished we tried to get a picture outside of the embassy and got fussed at.  No pictures!  We came back to the hotel with visa in hand and then got both kiddos (and me) down for a nap.  After a quick nap it was time to figure out dinner.  Mom had been under the weather yesterday with her stomach (maybe the bug Olivia and I had?) and wanted to take it easy.  We went down to the restaurant in our hotel and ate.  It was good to have a steak!!!
They both got to playing together after we were finished with dinner. :)
 I figured it would be good to let both kiddos run around a bit so we went to the playroom for an hour and a half. 

We got back to the room, pjs on and off to bed.  Easton did not have a restful night.  He is beginning to grieve.  He would wake up every two hours and cry for a bit and then go back to sleep.  Poor guy.  However, I know it is good for him to be able to grieve.  We just loved on him in this time and made it through the night. 

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