Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 5 in Korea

Today was a fun day!!!  We went to the Coex Aquarium.  Olivia seemed to have a really good time.  Easton seemed to like it, but was also not really understanding what we were doing.  If you are coming to Korea soon, go there!!!  It was the neatest aquarium I have ever been to.  They showed the fish in artsy ways!  When we finished, I hate to admit this, but we went to McDonalds.  You know if you are only paying $1.00 for a burger it can't be a good thing!  Who knows what we ate!!!  I haven't eaten McDonalds since I was in the 4th grade and I puked that night!  Olivia has NEVER eaten McDonalds.  Ugh!!! 

We got going somewhat slowly this morning.  The kids had a snack,
 played with stacking cups,
 and watched traffic go by.  This is a favorite!
Mammy and Buppy shortly arrived and made us breakfast.  It was YUMMY!!!  We skyped with my sister and her family.  I love seeing my sweet Annelyn and Adeline! 
Today we ventured the subway.  It was super easy!  We have always just taken a taxi, but since the aquarium was pretty far we decided to try it. 

 It was a great way to see some other parts of the city!

 Right when we got off the subway we saw an advertisement for Frozen!  Olivia loves this (even though she hasn't seen it yet!)  Annelyn, she wanted to be sure you see this picture!!!  She was so excited to tell you about it!
 We walked though following the signs to the aquarium. 
 Fish in a red, green and yellow traffic light.  Fun--and this was just the beginning. 
 These poor fish must be hard of hearing.  They hit sensors to make music constantly play.  It was really neat!

 See what I mean by artsy....there are fish in a refrigerator! 
 ....and a washer!!
We are beginning to see more of this.   
 There is a café here that you get your feet scrubbed by fish while you enjoy your coffee.  They had a 'sampling' here at the aquarium!
 John gave it a try!!
 All those fish on his fingers are eating dead skin.  Can you say gross! 
 A random groundhog.  Bless him.  There was a palace drawn on the wall and he was trying to jump to the roof of it.  He couldn't figure out how to get off this tire swing. 
 I think this was Easton's favorite part!  Air blowing in his face from a vent.  Yep, that's it folks!
 Fish in a mailbox.

A computer with fish. 

Fit # 2 within 10 minutes of each other.  It is definitely not all happy and smiles around here!  He will just get so angry and upset out of the blue and then he is ok again.  Poor boy!  However, I know it is good for him to grieve.  John is blowing in his face to get him to breathe.  So far he hasn't passed out!  Yay us!! 
 Snack time break!  Food fixes everything, right?!?!

 A little play time with the suction cups and the octopus.  They both loved this!

Some beautiful live coral.  It was fun to watch all the different ones moving! 

We got back on the subway and headed back to the hotel.  We are just hanging out now.  What for dinner??  We will probably go back to the playroom for a bit and then put two tired kiddos to bed.  Great day overall!




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  1. the picture of John blowing in Easton's face and you and Olivia cheesing is HILARIOUS!!! you girls are smiling as if those 2 aren't even there! Too funny!! Love it!!