Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve brought some fun at our house and projects that I decided to try to get done since we were unsure of how long it would be until we went to Korea.  First, John and I loaded in insulation into our non-insulated attic.
 Over Christmas I decided my den needed an accent wall.  I started with browns.
  After that didn't work, I did red.  I edged in and John painted the walls.  I realized when we sat down to look at it that it was Satin and not eggshell/flat paint. 
So, I repainted it the next day with a new gallon of flat paint.  I just used a brush to try to reduce streaks.  It didn't look bad, but wasn't what I was after. 

Yep....back to the drawing board.  I decided a 'burlap' color would look good.  I went in the store and the first color I picked up was it!!!  We painted it and I love it.  I have edged in one last time and now John is going to repaint one more time. 
While John was painting the satin read, Olivia had a glow stick bath.
 After her bath, we used her new easy bake oven.  She has begged for one.  She ate all dozen cookies in a matter of minutes.  Maybe its cause they were the size of a penny!  She had a blast!!!  It was a great New Year's Eve!!!  Now to get Easton's room ready!

New years day brought a first annual tradition!  We joined the Jenkins' family for dinner.  Oh how I love that family!  Lots of good laughs and always a great time!


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