Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 7 in Korea

Today was our last day to be out and about, but we went so hard yesterday that we decided to let the kids play this morning after a good breakfast.  John had a few places he wanted to go and we also knew it would be easier and faster with just one person vs 6.  Off to the playroom Mammy and I went with Easton and Olivia and off on adventures John went.  Buppy went to the room to relax. 

A little lovin....
 mixed with laughter and playing.

John came back and had been to a local university to get a shirt.  If they wear a college shirt on Mondays to his school he is allowed to wear jeans.  Every teacher loves a jeans day.  He came back with a shirt for Olivia and me, too. 

 He went back to Severance to get a few more pictures and as he went inside he heard 'Amazing Grace.'  Though it was in Korean he knew the tune. 
 He thought they had really good speakers, but followed the sound and found this choir singing in the hospital.  How neat is this?!
 He then found the hospital that Olivia was placed in after her stent at the birth hospital where she was born.  This hospitalization was due to her low birth weight.

He returned early afternoon to find Olivia and me coloring together and Easton asleep.  We were ready to hit the road as soon as Easton woke up.  Olivia went to his bookbag and said, "Ready!  Maybe daddy can just carry me like this today?"  I thought she was laying on the bookbag until I went around to the other side....
 and found this!!!  She was IN the bookbag!  Love this girl so much!!!
 We made one more trip to Insadong and Namdaemun.  Here Olivia suggested, "2 holds."  John was a good sport and did this for about 10 minutes.  My arms are super tired from carrying one or the other ALL DAY LONG for the past 3 days.  It has been fun, just tiring. 
 He got a picture of us in front of this starbucks.  Most starbucks are spelled in English.  Somewhere I read that this is the only one written in Hangul in Korea, but I saw another one further down near some museums in Insadong. 

Mom was getting something in Starbucks and a group approached us.  They must have been on a scavenger hunt or something because they said they had to have a picture with us.  So, we grabbed one, too. 

We got back to the hotel to get Buppy and all headed out to Itaewon for dinner.  I think this is the most westernized area in Korea.  I liked it the first trip, but now prefer the more Korean areas.  We attemped one more picture of the four of us and then went to a place called JR's for dinner.  It is a southern BBQ place and was pretty good.  We saw another American couple and enjoyed talking to them for a bit.  We came to Itaewon to go to a place called Nashville.    We learned from this couple that it burned down 2 months ago. 
Today is the last day in Korea.  I hope to come back in the near future!  Our flight is at 5:00.  I am off to pack!  Next stop.....USA!

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