Monday, January 13, 2014

645 days of waiting--done!

645 days of waiting, a tree worth of paperwork, two trips to Korea, a lot of praying, a lot of crying, a lot of worrying.......and Easton is OURS!!!!!! 
I am currently waiting for the other shoe to drop.  It has been way too good so far!!  His Omma and Appa both came today and she got upset as the prayer was said. 


They are waving their final goodbyes.  It makes me sad to think how much they love him and just like that he is no longer in their care. 
 He didn't cry.  He just looked confused.  He looked out the window for a few minutes and then just sat in my lap.  He hadn't really let me hold him up until now, but it was almost like he knew. 
He was dressed up for the occasion!!
...and then this happened!  Not a tear!!!!  I guess I am so blown away because Olivia's custody was the worst thing I have ever seen!  We were all sobbing.  Her heart was broken. 
 He fell asleep a few min. later. 
 We arrived to the hotel to go find big sister.  We first took our things to the room and then went to the play area.  I didn't want her to be with us at custody because hers was so upsetting for everyone, so my parents took her back with them after we met with her foster mom (post coming later...I figured I better get this part up!)

He likes to pull her hair and this is what she thinks about it!  Uh oh!!!

She solved the hair problem!  Good thinking sister!!
 We were ready for lunch so back to the room to get ready to go.  Our original plan would have been to stay in for the afternoon, but he seems ok.  I know he NEEDS to grieve, so I wonder if this is a bit of shock???  You know I am worried about him grieving. 

We went a block down the street and ate some sandwiches. 
...while this one napped.  When we got back to the hotel, I held him for about ten or fifteen minutes and he was back asleep.  He woke up when we went to put his coat on him at lunch.  So far so good. 
I can't believe after 2 years he is ours.  He is in the other room sleeping!  I can hold him, take him places, dress him, change him, feed him!!!!  He is OURS!!!!  I feel mixed with emotions.  I am worried about Olivia (probably over thinking it), and sad for his foster family.  I am thrilled to have him, but also worried about why he isn't grieving.  I am just comparing to Olivia who grieved so hard.  Thanks for all the prayers and love!  Without it, we couldn't have done it!!!!

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