Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 in review

We started 2013 packing and getting ready to move. 
On the 1st we said goodbye to our home.  Yes, I have driven by several times and just stared at it.  I still miss it like CRAZY!!! 
 Annelyn turned 6!
 We moved in with mom and dad!!  
Consignment season begins!
John and I both had birthdays!
I painted a mural for a friend. 
Spring break was full of sleeping in and shopping!
 We enjoyed a fundraiser with our sweet friends who are waiting to bring home their daughter.
We finished another year of school!! (This is Olivia's end of the year program) 
Andy, John's nieces' husband, came home from Afghanistan. 


 We moved out of mom and dad's and into our new house.  (It is still a work in progress!)
Dad and John built our deck!

Olivia had a painting party!  She turned 4.


We gave her a balance beam....she still loves it!
We enjoyed her birthday at the water park.

Cousin fun!

Happy 4th!  We went to the park with our friends, Danyell and Levi, for fireworks.

Random acts of kindness to celebrate Nell's birthday!
Fun times with Taci and crew!
 9 year anniversary
 Adeline turns 1
Back to school.
Olivia went to her first county fair!
Buppy has a birthday!

...and so did Easton!  He is 2.
Our annual Korean playdate.  I love this day!

Olivia started gymnastics.  She LOVES this.  We go twice a week. 
Happy Halloween from Doc. 

Mammy has a birthday!
Olivia attended her first college football game.  (GO VOLS!!!)
Happy Thanksgiving.  
COURT DATE!!!!  We went to KOREA!!!!!!
.....and I got to get my hands on my boy!!!
Merry Christmas!

2014, we welcome you!!!!  Excited to see what this year has in store for our family. 

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