Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Heading out!

I decided that I needed to get out and so did everyone else!  We have been cooped up too much and the 'togetherness' is trying my patience.  Don't get me wrong, I love being home with them, but when one child is grieving, one child is acting out and the parents are exhausted it makes for a few long days.  I know I will look back on these days and think, "it wasn't that bad!" but in the moment, it seems bad.  They are both adjusting in their own way, but it takes time.  We are in that time frame now.  Short adventures with little or no crowd help us all.  Today was a good day!  We went to Opry Mills because I knew it wouldn't be crowded since it is the middle of the week.  We walked the main circle, ate lunch, went in three stores, rode the carousel, and then returned home.  I want to go back soon because they are having great sales and I wanted to get both kids some things.

 No clue what was so funny, but Olivia rode today like a champ!  She always wants to ride and then once we are on she has been terrified of the carousel, but not today!  I was standing next to her, but ventured to get in front of her to get a picture and she was so proud of herself for doing it on her own!

Easton wasn't so sure, but he tried to smile. Doesn't he look like a little old man here?!
Olivia is out of her lotion so we went in bath and Body Works.  Its awfully hard to make all those decisions.  Olivia and I always smell most of everything.  Towards the end, Easton decided he should do the same!
 Hog heaven!  She LOVES the lego store!  We are hoping to go to Atl to LEGOLAND while I am on leave. ready! :)  She looked at everything!  She squealed when she saw the Lego friends.  Somehow, we left without spending a penny!

We also visited the Disney store.  She wants an Olaf stuffed animal.  He won't be out until March.  She lost her bunny in Korea (I think our cleaning lady scooped him up in the sheets) and she wants Olaf to replace the bunny.  She hasn't even seen the movie!  I think that is on our list for next week!  John and I are thinking of small outings to save our sanity.  Staying close to home most days, but non-crowded places for a couple hours helped all of us today.

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