Sunday, January 12, 2014

Korea Day 2

Yesterday we took it easy!  It was cold out and the news from the previous day was weighing on all of us.  We ate breakfast at the hotel and then took Olivia to the playroom in our hotel.  She has been begging to go here since last month.  She only got to see it last month because we were constantly on the go.
 While we ate and she played it snowed beautiful flakes, but then quit.  Mom wanted to go to church here so we joined her for an 11:00 service.  Well, I didn't understand a single word, but as I sat there I thought to myself, never in my wildest did I see my life here.  God definitely did this one.  This was not in my little plan of life, but I love it!!  The man next to us spoke English and gave mom the 101 on the service.  I sat three people down and didn't have a fat clue what they were saying, but it was an experience nonetheless. 
After church we went walked back to our hotel and tried to decide what to do.  Olivia was super tired so we were going to do a nap, but then decided to go to Itaewon which is another outside area with lots of shopping.  We got outside and walked a bit (by now it was late afternoon) and then decided we weren't feeling it.  We got some groceries and decided to order pizza for dinner.  So Olivia got some playtime in the room.  She played her innotab for a bit, played store, and ate some gummy worms! 

We went back to the playroom for her to get some energy out!  She had a great time in here.  She was jumping from everything.  She quit the moment another little girl came in.  I think they sounded German.  Earlier today we had a Chinese set of kiddos come in.  I love the diversity you see here! 

It looks like she is breaking her neck here (she was pushing up to do a back bend), but look at her legs!!!  Oh my!!!! 

 She is completely folded in half here in this green tube that you see above.  It is pretty small!

So, that was our day!  We didn't get out and do, but I have decided that we may try to get out with Easton depending on how he is doing.  He seems to have the go go go personality, so we will see.  Gotta jump off and shower because we meet with Olivia's foster mom in 3 hours and take custody in 4!!!!  Big prayers for us today!  Before any meetings though, I hope to enjoy a waffle that I have yet to have since we have been here!

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