Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 3 in Korea

Before heading out, we had to get our gifts ready to take to the agency.  Olivia worked hard on wrapping a car that she picked out for "baby Easton."  We first went out to go to our waffle spot and enjoy a yummy waffle before heading to see Olivia's foster mom.  We had an appointment with her foster mom an hour before we took custody.  We went up to see her and we didn't have a translator.  She was so cute....we started to talk and she grunted and held up a finger and went to get help! She is well known there as she has been doing foster care since 1983.  She was very warm during this meeting which is something I didn't see two years ago.  It was still very clear how much she loves our sweet girl!  She wanted to hold her so badly, but Olivia wouldn't have any part of it.  I wasn't going to make her because I can only imagine how much was potentially going through her head.  Later in the day I asked if she remembered her foster mom and she quickly answered, "nope!"  That makes me sad in many ways.  John brought her towel that her foster mom gave us and she could see how worn it is.  She was so delighted that Olivia still uses it.  I told her we would be back and hoped to see her again.  After a quick hour, it was time to say goodbye.  

 One last picture of the three of us!
She brought Olivia a gorgeous Hanbok.
 Her foster mom really wanted her to put her head band on.  Olivia wasn't warmed up to the visit just yet, so she was still being difficult. 

Olivia let her foster mom help her with the jacket of her Hanbok
 Such a priceless picture!!!
 Her foster mom tried several times to get to hold her, but Olivia just wouldn't let her.  I put her on my other hip for the ones that she took on her phone.  I wish I had done that for these.  Her FM just wanted to love on her. 
I am so thankful that my parents get to experience this with us!!

After this, mom and dad took Olivia to go back to the hotel play area.  I didn't want her to be with us when we took custody for fear of how Jae Joon would be.  Surprisingly, he did great!!  You can see my post for the remainder of our day on my 645 days of waiting--no more.  Easton took a nap and we hung out here in the room after playing and lunch.  For dinner we went to California Pizza kitchen and Olivia was knocked out the whole time because she wouldn't nap.  Easton on the other hand ate a plate full of spaghetti!  We got back to the hotel and we were all in the bed and asleep in no time.  I changed Easton's diaper at 4:00 a.m. and he went right back to sleep and slept until 8:00.  What a blessing!! 


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