Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 6 in Korea

These two were out by 8:30 last night!  I didn't get the picture, but as her hand slowly fell into Easton's and they slept holding hands for several minutes. 
How is it possible that we have already been here 6 days?!?!  Last night we mapped out what we wanted to do for the remainder of our time here.

Ready for the day!  Going up and down stairs and making quick subway changes meant both kids needed to be in a carrier.  Olivia wanted daddy to carry her so he got to sport the pink carrier.
We saw this guy and I think we stand out about like this guy as far as looking like tourists.  Do you think he was made to make fun of people like us??  He has a camera and looks lost....yep, it must be us!  Honestly, we get around really well here. ;)
 I am not so sure we did everything on today's list because we went on a scavenger hunt for name chops.  I really wanted to get these for the kids when they are older, and there is a store in Insadong.  First detour...when getting off the subway, I found the man who paints family names and does amazing scroll work.  I have looked for him since our first trip!!  We got our name and then one that said family.  Then we returned to our list and heading straight to the name chop store.  Sadly, the store isn't there anymore.  It is now an art gallery.  We stopped at the Somerset which is where we stayed when we came to bring Olivia home. 

This was in the outdoor garden at Somerset.  Had to keep moving with Easton, so we went back outside.   
John asked the people at the front desk if they had any suggestions as to where to go.  They gave us a name and we were in the direction to find it when a lady on the street offered help.  Add in an extra kid and people have gone out of their way to give candy, offer help and even take us to places!  She actually made a phone call and then took us about 10 minutes out of her way.  She stayed with us while we chose the name chop and even told the man his price was too expensive!  She got him to bring it down a bit and give us a small case.  Some how she also had the man throw in some hot hands.  I asked if we could take a picture together and she said no, but then got her phone and camera ready.  She then emailed me the picture.  Works for me!!!  Side note for this picture.  Easton was drenched from a diaper that didn't hold all of his liquid.  My jeans, back, shirt, and coat were also extremely wet!  Fun times!  I took off his shirt under his jacket that went with his outfit, but his pants were still very wet.  He seemed very happy to have his diaper changed.  I wish I could have changed, too. 

 I love that her name was the same as Olivia's Korean name!  When helping with the name chop she was able to tell us what is good to get and what means what.  Olivia's piece says happiness on it and Easton's has a dragon which is good fortune here.  She explained that the name needs to fill the space to  symbolize pride and joy that you have in your name. 

This was the man who had the name chops.  He was very kind.  He explained how he is a music director for a boys choir.  He showed us a video of his 13 year old daughter playing violin at a concert.  What a talented girl!  I love how friendly the Koreans are as a whole.  They go out of their way.  It would be wonderful if more people were as kind as they are!

Next stop was a dumpling place that Mammy found rated the best in Seoul.  It was definitely busy!  Olivia and Easton both ate well! 

 Mom and I wanted to return to Bampo to the Christian store for a few things and we knew we better head that direction.  I want to go through Insadong as we didn't have time to shop in there today cause we needed to get to Bampo.  This store isn't open on Friday so today was our last shot.  The kids officially melted here.  By now it was late afternoon and they were D.O.N.E.  We left here and hopped on the subway to head back to our hotel.  They both needed some playtime.  Easton fell apart on the subway--multiple times!  It was not a joyous time, but we made it.  He is currently an emotional eater.  When he got upset the only thing that could calm him down was food.  We made it back and they are successfully playing right now. 





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