Monday, January 20, 2014

2 days home!

Yesterday we slept in and I spent the bulk of the day getting laundry done and unpacking.  It is now all done and put away!  Yay me!! :)  We played in the floor some, but Olivia seemed to have a rough day having Easton on her territory.  At one point, I found her coloring book and crayons in our room like this
 This guy spent the yesterday following me and whining when he couldn't see me.  He isn't eating anything.  I couldn't even get him to eat a chocolate chip cookie! 

 Later in the day I found big sister with her new earrings and necklace on.    John says she isn't allowed to grow up!  I kinda agree!!! Here she is glued to Doc McStuffins on tv. She was quite sickly yesterday as she spent the bulk of the hour after waking up puking up snot.  That's kinda normal around here for her, but when it gets to the amount it was yesterday I have to act fast or she will get super sick.  Her eyes tell me she is not herself in this picture.   
 We started the day early today.  Olivia ate a pretty good breakfast, but was still gagging and yucky feeling but warmed up as the day went on.  Easton still doesn't want to eat.  We built a train and then Olivia wanted Easton to take a bath with her.  He hated his bath in Korea, but we took it super slow today.  He has been tugging at his ears, but we got some laughs during his bath.  After he cried a while I noticed he had green snot.  Put tugging of ear and green snot together, and I was worried that he might have an ear infection.  Off to the doctor. 

I love my doctor!  He wasn't in our local office today so I drove an hour just for him to treat Easton since it was his first doctors appointment!  Easton was all smiles while we waited.  I asked them to take us back when I called because I know his immunity isn't like ours yet and I didn't want to expose him to other sick kids.  So, we hung out in a room together for a bit. 
 After cleaning out his poor ears it was clear that he had an ear infection.  Poor guy!  Day 2 home and on antibiotics.  Glad I went ahead and took him.  While I was there I got the first portion of his flu shot.  Clearly at this point, he was very mad and upset.  The dark next to his little face is a wet spot from him crying.  This is after his shot. 

We got home and it was so pretty out today!  I wanted to get them out for a few minutes to enjoy the sunshine.  Oscar was pretty excited about this.  We got to see a few neighbors out and about.  That is one great thing about our new neighborhood! 

Olivia played on her new "skateses" (everything has an es on the end of it these days....toyses, feetses, lighteses, balloonses, etc.)  She then grabbed her new bike that she got for Christmas.  She did really well on it and seemed pleased with herself.  We did some big cheering for this kiddo!  At this point in the day she is feeling better, but can't run or be out long.  Her cough and congestion get the best of her if she does these things.  Poor girl.  I hate she has to deal with this! 

Easton found a big ball in the garage that he threw around a bit. 

But, it was time to go in because this started again.  The sun was going in and it was getting chilly.  He cried like this until about 7:30.  Poor boy! 
A perk to being a big sister means that she can stay up a few minutes later than little brother!  She wanted to paint my nails. 
In between painting my nails she took a break and painted her toes!  She had me holding all of the colors and brushes while she made her toes pretty! 
It is 11:00 p.m. and both kids are asleep in their own beds!  This won't last much longer.  I have that jumpy feeling you get when you play hide and seek.  You know, hurry before they catch you, except I am not hiding.  I am hoping they will just sleep longer and every minute that passes I expect to hear a cry. 

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