Sunday, January 26, 2014

First weekend home!

As we moved through Friday, I couldn't help but think about our Saturday last week (I was using Korean time).  I happened to look at the clock right when we got to the airport to check in.  Then, I moved to US time on Saturday (gotta switch over sometime) and as Olivia and I worked a puzzle and Easton napped, I saw that it was the same time close to the time that we landed in Detroit.  I was very happy to be working a puzzle rather than being puked on!  We continued with our day and I just thought about how wonderful our homecoming was.  It was crazy how I kept looking at the clock at those moments!
We have come a long way in a week!  I can see some pro's, but also know we have still a long way to go.  This stuff is hard!  It must be like pregnancy in that you forget how painful it is, so you do have another. 
We stayed home Friday and stayed low key.  Nana came over and played with Olivia.  She is definitely needing attention so I am so happy that our parents are helping with that!  Olivia took her upstairs immediately and asked her to play.  I heard them playing 3 little pigs. 
My friend Danyell came over and cooked for us Friday night!  It was yummy!  How did I not get a picture of Levi (her little guy) and Easton playing?!?  They did really well together!

By 4:30 Saturday I was feeling a bit stir crazy!  I needed to pick up one of the people I tag for consignment, so we all got in the car.  He seems to really like car rides.  Olivia said, "Mommy, look!  I am holding his hand!"  I turned around to see this...SUPER cuteness!!!!
This was a much needed trip out.  I think it was needed for all of us, not just me!  Since we were out and in need of baby gates and a few other babies r us items, I suggested we go on to Babies R Us because it is never crowded.  We didn't stay long and I didn't put him down.  He looked around and seemed to do ok.  I am to the point now that I want him to see that we come back to the same house, toys, and his other things, but he isn't ready to go go go!  He is definitely "mommy shopping."  For those who don't know what that is it is when a child just sees any friendly face and will go with them.  Why not?!?  Though we know he is forever with us, he doesn't know this yet.  For all he knows, the kind lady in the checkout lane might be the next person to take him.  That has to be scary for him!  He is also a people person, which I like, but want him to know that we are mommy and daddy before letting him get to personal with others. 

 Sunday was another day at home.  My sister, 2 nieces and mom came over for the afternoon. 
Olivia and Annelyn made masterpieces...

...while Adeline and Easton got to know each other.  They made an instant friendship over a bag of Cheetos.  The key to their! 
Hey Adeline, what's in there??


 A little thank you!
 The big girls went upstairs so these two went to check out what they had painted!

Olivia is realizing that she can be really helpful as a big sister.  We were talking about bedtime for Easton, and without being asked, she went into the cabinet and got all the pieces needed for his bottle!!!
 I went upstairs to get his pj's on and realized I forgot his medicine.  Before I knew it, she was coming up with the bottle and his medicine.  I sure do love this girl!!!  We are seeing good moments like this and it really makes me happy and proud of her!

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